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Data Recovery Services

While I am by no means an expert yet, One of my latest hobbies is doing hard drive repair and data recovery. If you have ever had a drive crash and stop function and take the data with it, you have probably had a conversation like this with some techie somewhere:

You: "My HD just bit the dust and I lost all of my pictures from that trip I took last month."
Techie: "Well there are services out there that'll get it back for the meager cost of a bazillion dollars."
you: "Well the pictures aren't worth *that* much!"
techie: "Yep I hear that a lot. Do yourself a favor and buy a backup drive next time."

Well, I am one of those services. And I don't charge all that much for it. Granted I just do it as a hobby, and I don't guarantee my results. But if those pictures, music files etc are worth $500 for a decent chance, I'm all about helping!

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