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About Yarooze

Yarooze is actually spelled "Yaroze" and loosely translated means "Lets go!" or "Lets do it!". The decision to use a mis-spelled version of yaroze as my personal site has a long story attached to it, that now spans over a decade (and now over 1/3 of my life!).

In the mid 90's following the release of the hugely successfull playstation game console, Sony decided to make a brief foray into an open development platform for their playstation called the 'Yaroze' playstation. It was a pretty cool black console instead of the trademark gray color. It allowed every day users with about $3000 cash in hand to create their own games for the playstation. This was a pretty cool setup, but ultimately didnt pass the muster & was shut down by sony.

At the time, I was somewhat intoxicated by the idea of creating some game or other for the Playstation and this seemed like a great idea. However, being fresh out of highschool and earning a 'deserving' wage as a fledgeling programmer, I lacked both the formal training I needed to even consider writing a game, and the funds to do it. So the idea was tabled. But the word stayed stuck in my head.

Shortly thereafter, a few friends & I caught the 'sup your car up' bug, and realized that a serious lack of online retailers selling performance car parts existed. In fact, there were virtually none. This was ~1998 and still not quite the height of the first ".com boom". We all got together and put together "Dynamic Automotive Solutions". It wasn't untill the site went live & immediately sold 200 orders of a couple parts, that it came to light that the owner was a crook and had only wanted to create the site to take everyone's money and run! We were left holding the ball on this.. Ugh: not a good start!

After a year of recovery from that experience, the remaining group sat down with a newly acquired friend who had newly aquired .com money and we decided to make another go of it. There still was a lack of online performance parts stores, and we could fill a niche that had major earning potential, if we could capture the market quick enough and be the first to do it. We all sat at the table that night and pondered potential names. Lots of good ideas came out, and lots of horrible names came out.. untill I suggested 'yaroze' but having forgotten how it was spelled, I wrote out 'Yarooze'. It was really chosen not because it was the best name, but because ultimately for wahtever reason, it was the most memorable.

Neeless to say, that project never made it off the ground. We started a business, spent some money, did some development, built a website, but ultimately never did anything with it. The other guys in the group slowly one by one dropped out & decided to do their own thing, and finally all that was left was me, holding a domain that had the name I liked and wasnt being used for anything. So I decided to take it over and make it my personal site!

Today, Yarooze.com is (or for that matter, 'hopefully will be') my personal resume. My goal is to illustrate a lot about who I am both on and off the keyboard. Hopefully this means you'll see and possibly even discuss all of my personal projects from hardware I attempt to build to websites I've created and even see the activities I take part in. All in all, hopefully it will be an engaging experience for all!

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