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Below you will find a list of websites I have worked on. Some are a bit wacky or zany others are artistic and cool, and others are a combination of all of those things. Most importantly, all were built using the same tool sets, and provide the ability for me to maintain, upgrade and manage them easily and effectively.


This site is the foremost authority on train videos. This was my first site built in drupal in conjunction with Grinning Moon Creative.

New Hampshire Academy Of Performing Arts

link: http://www.nhapa.org

This site uses drupal in a multisite shared table configuration with their partner site: http://scdc.nhapa.org

This was also done in conjunction with http://www.grinningmoon.com

The Alchemy Code

Link: http://www.alchemycode.com

Sometimes there are sites we may not want to admit to building. This might be one of those. But, a paying customer is a paying customer. And a working site with interesting features, is, well, worth putting on a resume.

The Alchemy Code is a book about one man's interpretation of texts from religious documents, and his belief that they hold the recipe and key to immortality. It has developed a cult following (no pun intended) and remarkable interest.

Town of Merrimack NH

Link: http://www.merrimacknh.gov

Not many independent contractors can lay claim to .gov domains. Proudly, I am one. This site was initially developed and maintained by http://www.grinningmoon.com . I was brought on as strictly a php developer and analyst for the project.

Stardancer Studios

This was my first commercial drupal website. This also marked the beginning of my relationship with grinning moon creative!

Samara Cary

Link: http://www.samaracary.com

Samara Cary is a local artist who specializes in animal portraits. This site is not currently live, but is in the process of switching over to a drupal install.

US Greatest

Link: http://www.usgreatest.com

US Greatest is a website that links directly to an paper add campaign. Initially I was contracted to create a flat html site. but after some convincing about portability and maintainability I was authorized to make it more dynamic and easy to use.

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